Within LA’s iconic arts district sits the quarter-mile long, luxury apartment community and retail haven of One Sante Fe, designed by world-renowned architect Michael Maltzan.

The neighboring Southern California Institute of Architecture and the Architecture and Design Museum have established this east side neighborhood with a solid arts culture identity. Respectively, One Santa Fe has validated and strengthened this identity with its selection of retail and collection of street art murals by acclaimed artists like J Goldcrown, Peter Greco Art, and others.

           J Goldcrown                                      Peter Greco Art                                      Wordsmith               

Gifted with a fine eye for the neighborhood’s demographic, One Santa Fe’s developer, Berkshire Communities, has re-energized the building with a mindful selection of shops and restaurants, many with an art and design-centered audience. In the last year and a half, the retail level of One Santa Fe has been activated and become a huge draw within the arts district.

On the residential side, Berkshire has endeavored to bring in a refreshed look that echos the neighborhood’s art influence and eclectic vibe. In an age where urban development faces ever-growing challenges, a shift in perspective has put the focus on the repositioning of existing areas. CDC Designs dove headfirst into this project, presenting an expert eye for urban design and a game plan for foreseen challenges.

CDC’s Project Manager, Greg Ledesma, worked alongside President of Design, Julie Ann Stark, to oversee the interior revamping of One Santa Fe’s leasing office, pool area, resident lounge, outdoor theater, and resident corridors. Taking special care to address budget, timing, and spatial parameters, Ledesma and Stark orchestrated several short-term projects over the course of a year, all while ensuring residents and leasing activity wouldn’t be disrupted during the renovation.

The One Santa Fe leasing office took on a refreshed feel that highlighted the areas’ best features. Floor-to-ceiling windows, recessed architectural lighting, and strong modern lines made it easy for the redesign to focus more on the iconic architectural vernacular. With new furnishings and some decorative artwork, CDC was able to create a more timeless and inviting space while still complementing the exteriors.

                                          Before:                                                                                 After:

The pool area received a playful makeover aligned with One Santa Fe’s luxury apartment style. As many residents enjoy the cabanas and deck space as a casual work setting, this revamp focused on adding durable and compact furniture pieces to withstand the heavy use. The refurbished cabanas, freshly planted flora, and infused pops of color (and fun lounge floaters!) energize the space without interrupting the relaxed atmosphere.                                    

                                       Before:                                                                                   After:

The resident lounge and entertainment kitchen were reworked to create a more subdued feel to relax and unwind. CDC was thoughtful in constructing these renovation plans so as to make the best use of Berkshire’s budget parameters. Furniture and interiors placement was also key, as the space leads into the pool area.

                                      Before:                                                                                   After:

The kitchen shed its outdated vibe for a more contemporary style. While original flooring and lighting remained, an eye-catching mosaic backsplash and modern appliances complete the updated look of this community space.

                                      Before:                                                                                    After:

The addition of lounge-style furniture, a fire pit, and rich accent colors transformed the outdoor theater into a more welcoming environment. Like the pool area, high-quality, durable items were selected, as the space doubles as a venue for retailer events. CDC was also instrumental in designing the fixed projection screen that replaced the original drop down version.

                                        Before:                                                                               After:

Asset repositioning and revitalizing the outdated metropolitan projects of yesterday are fast becoming the reality of today’s urban development. One Santa Fe thoroughly illustrates this new trend along with the vital perspective needed to participate in an ever-evolving industry. CDC wears the leader hat as an expert, navigating these new trends and bringing success to these amazing urban projects!






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