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When you’re living amongst the hustle and bustle of a busy city, sometimes you need a place where you can escape the crazy and embrace the calm. The CDC Designs team came together with Wood Partners and Berkshire Group at The REY,  an upscale, luxury high-rise located in a world-class, beach-side destination with all the conveniences of urban living.

Julie Ann Stark, Partner and President of Design at CDC Designs, shared the team’s experience of working on the project and the collaborative process:
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In your opinion, what makes The REY different and desirable to people looking to rent?

The designs are refreshing after coming off a busy street and the hustle and bustle of the city. We have some unique and artistic furnishings with soft shapes, which create the soothing and serene coastal vibe. Interesting textures, complex neutrals, reclaimed driftwood, and washed oak species are appointed throughout, adding to the zen like atmosphere.

The technology is innovative, the residences themselves have luxe finishes, and the views are pretty amazing. There’s a rooftop pool, a concrete ping-pong table, fireplaces, media, grills, and gorgeous panoramic views of the city. Our goal was to create a community that speaks to the diverse locals and travelers who appreciate San Diego’s relaxed and soulful lifestyle.

What is the general market for these homes and how does the style tailor to that market?

One and two-bedroom apartment homes drive the market for singles and professionals, however the residences don’t appeal to just one segment. We wanted an elegant design that appealed to all interested renters:The Rey Image 3 young professionals and sophisticated entrepreneurs, both locally and internationally.

What was the process like collaborating with everyone at The REY?

Wood Partners and Berkshire were open and receptive to our vision, which ultimately created the collaborative end result you see today. The general contractor implemented the design beautifully. The leadership on the ground had a passion and drive to implement the design, which makes the vision come to life.

Where did you draw your design inspiration from for this project?

International travels were a major influence for The REY. We drew inspiration from beaches and coastal resorts, the Mexican Riviera, New York, and Miami. Our vision was to fuse the design style of sophisticated city life with the relaxed feel of the coast. This was accomplished by creating a distinctive voice with design inspired by nature: ocean, beach, sun, mountains, palm trees, The Rey Image 4and parks.

What was your favorite part about working on The REY?

The product type itself, a luxury rental high-rise, presents a unique opportunity. At this luxury level we were able to bring to life designs similar to those you would typically see at boutique hotels. We were able to select and design custom textures and finishes, collaborate with craftsmen and artisans, and procure from fine art resources, all of which were truly rewarding.

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