February 25, 2017

Introducing Uptown Orange!

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Diving into a new project takes the right balance of inspiration, communication, and teamwork. Mix those ingredients together, and you’ll come out with an incredible creation that will have everyone feeling like they’re in the presence of something special. In our latest adventure, we joined forces with the AMLI Residential team by putting the CDC touch on their newest apartment community, Uptown Orange. How did it all come together so harmoniously? Lisa Kells, our VP of Design, gave us the scoop on her experience:

Where did your design inspiration come from for this particular project?

Originally, it came from the flags that the architect installed in front of the building, which are fantastic, bright, and multi-colored. Exteriors are a pretty big deal in this community, so we went to the drawing board and came up with a really cool mid-century vibe. The name of the project itself also inspired us to make sure that the color orange was present in each room.

All of the colors that were used are so gorgeous. What was your process like when deciding what tones would work well together?
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With the multi-colored flags as a focal point, we wanted to stay close to an orange, bronze, and skye blue color palette. We wanted to add volume to the leasing office and bring the feeling of the outdoors inside, like the pool – we wanted to bring that rich watery blue color into the room. As for the process, we really respected everyone’s visions of how we could cohesively tie the outdoor designs with the indoors. Communication and a tight team working together improves any process!

What was your motivation for taking on Uptown Orange? What motivates you to take on any project that comes your way?

Location and AMLI Residential were our biggest motivators. AMLI was a new client, and we loved working with them from the beginning. With each project that comes our way, we look at everything and think, “what is the unique opportunity here?” We took one look at Uptown Orange and we were thrilled to be involved! The AMLI team was open to anything we brought to them. These guys really fought for the cool details and the project stayed true from beginning to end.

unnamed (4)Just looking at the decor – the light fixtures, the fireplaces, the modern furniture – it looks like this was a really fun project to work on. What would you say was your favorite part about designing Uptown Orange?

That’s so hard, I loved everything! The space, imagery, online resources, seeing it executed, working with the team, it was an exquisite experience. BUT, I have to say the final walk through is probably the best part. When the client finally sees the end result – that’s an amazing feeling. With a first time client they’re completely trusting you, and for them to walk in and go “wow,” that is an exciting thrill.

With future residents in mind, what is the overall feeling you want them to experience when exploring the apartment homes at Uptown Orange?

Uptown Orange is near the medical industry, so we merchandised towards individuals who wanted to live closer to work. We used pops of bright color, warm wood finishes and unique light fixtures. At neighboring communities you’ll find the basics, but we wanted home shoppers to see that you can have more at Uptown Orange. We’re always pushing ourselves and our team to create something different. It’s both our challenge and our privilege to design the latest and greatest experience for our clients and their future residents.

Want to see more of our work at Uptown Orange? Check out our portfolio here.
To learn more about living at the apartment community, visit the AMLI website here.