Searching for New Trends in Las Vegas

What does 2017 mean for the world of design? Three of our designers, Susan Toft, Sarah Kent, and Valerie Rufener, went to go find the answer by visiting the Las Vegas Market, one of the most innovative design trade shows in the industry. Here’s what they found out from their travels:

After spending a week being surrounded by amazing designs, which one would you say was
the MOST inspirational?

We all came away with different thoughts and ideas to this question. Alder & Tweed was our “big winner”- very inspirational and on trend. Kannoa was so inspiring with their sense of simplicity and interesting textures and colors. Sunpan set themselves apart with their simple, sophisticated luxury, and use of finishes.

Off the top of your head, which three trends made the biggest impression on you?

 We felt there was more “luxury level” being highlighted. More tailored styles, polished looks, softer fabrics – a little less of the industrial look. Stacked cocktail tables were also very popular. Shades of pinks and blues were Las Vegasthe major color trends we kept seeing.

One of their displays was a brick wall that said “Every great design begins with an even better story.” Do you believe this is true and can you tell us why?

We would agree, inspiration drives every project. “Telling the story” starts with every design process in knowing our audience, who lives there, where the project is located, local events, design trends, and so much more. It is key to our success. Great design is only “great” when you have identified your target market.

After looking through the photos, it looks like the color gold will be a big deal this year. According to your experience in Las Vegas, what do you think will be THE trend of 2017?

The market is varied with many textures and finishes! “Gold” is shown in many shades: brass, antique gold, burnished gold, shiny golds. Mixing metals is still very on trend. Global travels and exposure lend to a more collectible and curated design.

Las Vegas 2Now that you know what the popular design trends are for this year, what will be the first one that you incorporate into YOUR next design?

Every project will be sprinkled with our learnings from the Market. We are so excited to share our experience with our entire Design Team!

The trip was incredibly inspiring to say the least! All of us at CDC look forward to bringing new ideas and creativity into homes everywhere in 2017. If you want to learn more about the Las Vegas Market, you can visit their website HERE.



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